Stand Beside Her and Guide Her

Today, after 17 years of living in this country,  I held in my hands the Star Spangled Banner, and in the office of Immigration and Naturalization, in front of my friends and family, I took
an oath to support and defend the constitution and laws of the United States of America, and I pledged allegiance to its flag.

Words fail me to accurately express what I feel right now. Maybe one day I will write more on this subject, but for now let me say that amidst all my emotions I was proud to take the oath because, as my friend Maureen so eloquently told me, in spite of its many downfalls this is still a great country to live in and call our own. My husband, my son, my friends, you make this country, you are my country and I will gladly work along side you to make sure that we make a safe, equitable, merciful, prosperous, kind place to live. So help me God.


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