Lost Lake - We Run for a Cause

Almost a year ago this group of women conquered the Klondike Road Relay. This year we have decided to focus our running efforts to raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

We will run the Lost Lake Race as a team, joined by a few more awesome people on August 25th. Sixteen miles beginning at Primrose Campground and ending in Lost Lake outside of Seward. This also happens to be my birthday weekend, so on my 35th birthday I will dedicate this run to everyone living with cystic fibrosis, and I will run for them.

Our legs will do the work, but we need your help:

1. You can donate any dollar amount HERE.
2. You can repost this blog or the link to our fundraising page.
3. You can join us for a silent auction at Double Shovel Cider Co. on Thursday, June 14th
    from 5 -8pm.
4. You can donate items to be auctioned by contacting me.

Thank you for your support. See you on the trail!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is dedicated to support the development of new drugs to fight the disease, improve the quality of life for those with CF and -- ultimately -- to find a cure.


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