Santa! I know him!

We took Benjamin to see Santa at the Anchorage Fifth Avenue Mall, and for the second time in a row (since seeing Santa on the train last week), when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, Benjamin said “nothing, thank you”. 

Santa, a little concerned, came to me and said: “does he really want nothing for Christmas?” And I replied, “yeah, i need to teach him to say ‘world peace’.”

I have it on good authority that Benjamin is getting a big Buzz Lightyear because he was a very good boy this year, I mean, as good as toddlers go. 

 You still have time to stop by and see the Jolly Dude before Christmas and get yourself some cute photos of your kids, plus candy canes.  

We are down to the wire here guys! Two days ‘till Christmas!!!

This post is sponsored by Simon Malls and the Anchorage Fifth Avenue Mall. 


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