One word for one year: Believe

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One of the beautiful things about having a relationship with God is that looking back one can always see his hand of guidance all along. He is in the long term details, and his work is a beautiful thing to be a part of and witness.

A year ago I came out of 2016 with a broken spirit gasping for hope, exhausted in all areas of my life. God then asked me to rest, and REST became the word upon which 2017 was laid. As opposed to what one might think, REST yielded a tremendous amount of fruit in my life. 

In resting and surrendering I found freedom from striving to settle on being, and let go of the shackles of perfection to settle in the good. A serene focus on living my own story allowed me to settle in my truth and forget how others live theirs, and in resting in vulnerability I found strength, a community, friendship, and so much love! 

Resting and letting go of my perceived control turned lack into plenty, darkness into light, fear into trust, chaos into peace, and for this I am grateful. 

My lovely friend Maureen told me -during a particularly uneasy part of this journey- to set a “reassess your life alarm”, a time to reflect where I am and where I’d like to be, and a plan to bridge both. Consider this my official alarm going off. I release 2017 with honor and gratitude, and begin 2018 enthusiastically with grace. 

I am ready to go where I belong, I am ready to BELIEVE.

Happy new year friends! May 2018 be twice as awesome as 2017.


Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.   Mark 11:24


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