I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue, kitchen

The design process of this kitchen was interesting as this is one of my neighboring houses whose floor plan very closely resembles my own. My clients wanted a cleaner look, a better cabinet distribution, and they wanted the carpet gone.

In the before pictures you can see that the majority of the house was carpeted, the kitchen had granite tile floors, a small pantry, and soffits that dwarfed the height of the room.

We took the soffits out and kept the U-shape of the kitchen while moving the appliances to different locations to provide a better working triangle. Once the wall cabinets above the peninsula came off, everything was bigger!

A lot of the beauty of this kitchen is in the details: floating shelves, open concept cabinets, chocolate veining on the countertops that pick up the color of the hexagonal hardware, and false doors to finish the cabinet sides.

The lighting in the ceiling, under the cabinets, and inset in the floating shelves make not only the kitchen, but also the dining room so much brighter! And of course we can't forget the beautiful splash in robin's egg blue, and the solid birch floors to tie it all together.

If you are interested in seeing more kitchens like this one, visit us in the K&W Interiors showroom, the Facebook Page, or call us to set up an appointment. See you in the new year!

Design, materials, and installation: K&W Interiors
Supervision: John Stiner, Matt Lindell
After pictures: Kathryn Wierzbicki


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