Klondike Road Relay 2017

Immediately after Brenda finished our last leg. We are all Klondike FINISHERS!

By the time I begin, 8 more have come before me, the same ritual performed at the check point runner after runner: 9 hearts beating with mine, believing that I am capable of more than I think, sending me off with a unison "you got this!" The baton exchange is quick and with a sweaty kiss goodbye I am sent.

With every step I take I repeat to myself "faith over fear, faith over fear" because that's what courage is, and for this we need courage. 109 Miles laid before us, waiting to be conquered by an overnight run that so many wish to be a part of. We are fortunate to be here.

The open road to a runner is just a metaphor for life. It gives us a course, a purpose, a destination. A relay gives us the responsibility to begin and end well so the next runner can continue; we are connected after all. Every mile is a privilege that reminds us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that alone we can be good, but together we are so much more.

At mile 4 I hit my stride, that point where my legs feel like wings, I soar over the yellowing trees, and my chest is so full of happiness that I can't help but smile. I tell myself "this is it, this is what you came for" and I bottle this feeling in a corner of my heart because this is what keeps me coming back.

When I pass the baton my team is waiting, cheering, clapping. And with one more sweaty kiss our last runner is off.

Let's do this!


We would like to thank our sponsors Double Shovel Cider Co. and Sweet Caribou for their support. A huge thank you to our spouses, our families, friends, and employers who believed that a pack of 10 women could conquer the Klondike. We run with you in our hearts. Lastly, our team is what it is because Brenda Lester -best Team Captain EVER- managed the logistics of getting us through 2 countries and 4 immigration checkpoints in a 31 foot RV, plus 109 miles on foot without a hitch. Brenda, I have said this before and I will say it again: you are my hero. We love you.

Two things worth mentioning:
1. Cassey celebrated her birthday the day the race started. Happy birthday Cas!
2. Boom (Laura) ran the steepest leg of the race, with an elevation change of +1768ft, in the dark, with a baby in her tummy! To quote Serena Williams -who played the Australian Open pregnant in 100 degree weather- "Ride or die. Women are tough that way."

And with that, please enjoy this string of pictures, and hold fast because in 2018 THE RACK IS BACK!!!!! 

Much love, 
Team Rack Up The Miles
Maureen Young (Mo), Laura Lester (Boom), Krista Pemberton (Keke), Natalia Lau (Tay), Erica Livingston (E), Hailee Rahm (The Talent), Sarah McCormick (Saree), Cassey Bradley-Leonardis (Cas), Fernanda Conrad (Fer), Brenda Lester (B).


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