Gratitude will do


Fito Paez (one of my favorite singer-songwriters) said it best: "In the end, what is left is to hold each other, to trust in the other, to love and to let oneself be loved in the midst of the crossfire that is life."

After the difficulties of last year it has been hard to stop looking over our shoulders, waiting for the other shoe to drop. No reason, really. Things are good, really good, but sometimes when we go through really bad our hearts get skeptical if things are just beautifully simple. So we have decided to do the only thing that makes sense: Be grateful.

This year we will rest in gratitude for a good, easy season. We will rest in the knowledge that dark times made us look at each other deeply, with a compassion and kindness we didn't know before. We will rest in the words of the covenant we made six years ago - for better or worse - because now we understand what we meant. We will stop looking to the past and turn our face forward because when the going gets good, gratitude will do.












This year, as it is tradition for our anniversary, we went somewhere we've never been, and it was beautiful.


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