What makes a house a home

I scribbled some thoughts today with my writing group regarding the concept of 'HOME', and when they heard them, they said "that sounds like a blog post." So allow me to use my stream of consciousness to give meaning to these pictures taken in our new home a week ago as we celebrated Benjamin's birthday and a housewarming of sorts.

What makes a house a home?
Being in my industry I should know, but all I can say after years of helping people design and remodel is that home has nothing to do with a designer, or with cabinets, or furniture, or paint colors.
Home is not even an address.
If home had a definition it would be a place I feel comfortable enough to take my bra off and walk around barefoot. Home smells like pollo al jugo and apple pie. Home is where I always come back to, it is Netflix and chill on the couch, and little dinosaurs under the coffee table.
Home is fresh linens every Saturday, and Halle Berry skin coffee* in the morning. It's what makes a house a home.

Thank you everyone for coming, for letting me get your kids high on sugar, and for overlooking the leftover boxes. It would not be home without you.

* At the party I asked my friend Shalem, who was kind enough to take all these pictures, how he takes his coffee, he replied "Halle Berry skin", and I thought it was the most perfect way to describe coffee with cream, not too dark, not cream heavy. Just right.

Thank you Shalem, these pictures mean so much to me!

Photography by the talented Shalem Kitter of Shalem Photo incredible photographer, coffee lover, cycle and yoga partner.

Cupcakes by Ardy Robertson from Ardy Cakes and Confections who used to be my high school teacher, and grew up two houses down from the one we bought.


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