Talk Derby to Me


When I told my mom I was getting married, you would have thought I told her that a royal wedding was going to take place. She went above and beyond anything I would have ever wanted. 

To emphasize her over the top-ness in this wedding, she insisted that I have TWO wedding dresses. She said she had a gown and a simpler frock when she got married, and added I would thank her later. 

Lo and behold, as it happens on any good Latin wedding, we danced so much that my big gown became too heavy to maneuver, but never fear because my second wedding dress awaited. 

As always my mom was right, but I bet she never guessed that 6 years later I would pull that shortie out for a spin on the Kentucky Derby Train, because I may know nothing about horse racing but that won't stop me from wearing funny hats and drinking fancy drinks. 


So here it is in all of its glory, the second wedding dress, and those are my wedding shoes. The shawl is very special to me because it belonged to my grandma, and the choker and earrings belonged to my mom. I thought it would take a miracle to pull an outfit together for this occasion, but the real miracle turned out to be that 6 years and one kid later I still fit into this dress.


I debated wearing a hat, as it's customary for the Derby, but I settled on a fascinator instead. What on earth is a fascinator? It's a lightweight headpiece worn to formal events as an alternative to a hat. Who knew?! Apparently my mom did, since she actually wore one to my wedding. I kid you not. 

dress: Adrianna Papell, shoes: Kate Spade, shawl: vintage, fascinator: Etsy

P.S. A very special thank you to Dale Kaercher and Benjamin's grandparents for making this day possible. It was a heck of a date!


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