One word for one year: Rest

When Tim and I got married 5 years ago, we honeymooned in the Galapagos Islands, when we returned to Quito the touring agency gave us a night in a midcentury modern, chic hotel as a wedding gift. Ever since then, we return to this hotel every time we visit, and this time is no exception.

The hotel, nestled in the modern part of town, is part of a sea of brick and steel high rises that normally give me claustrophobia, but sitting by the giant windows, watching ant-like people walk the streets, listening to the afternoon rain fall on the pavement, actually brings me peace.

When we left Anchorage last year (oh hi 2017!) we were weary, tired from a year that took a lot from us. Out of everyone I know, only one person told me that 2016 was a good year, so forgive me if you find this cliché, but 2016 sucked hard.

If you have been reading this blog a while, you know I don't do new year's resolutions. I usually have a word for the year as a guide for what is to come. 2016's word, Selah, turned out to be transforming in many good ways, and a lot of fruit came from it. Remaining in the promises and the love of our father has proven worth the effort, but I am exhausted. Early last December I was on my knees telling God just that, when the word for 2017 came. 

He said: Then REST. Then I laughed at God because is he kidding me? I have jobs, a toddler, a husband, a house to maintain, responsibilities for heaven's sake, and he tells me to rest?
Yes. Loud and clear. So I got mad and went all literal on God, packed my bags and went on vacation, and guess what? That is not what he meant. But He is faithful, and even when I hide in jungles He finds me and tells me that what he really means is that He knows that it it's been hard, but he is proud of me for abiding in Him, and He knows that I am weary, but He is here to carry the burdens and give me rest because we still have work to do and I must learn to rest so I don't quit.

So I'm unpacking and I giving him the things that I cannot carry: the worries that consume me, the relationships that must end, the future that isn't mine, and as I let go He gives, as I finally sit on His lap and let Him hold me, I find rest.
 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28.


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