Dear winter - A tale of love and forgiveness

Dear winter,

We need to apologize, we took you for granted, and the last few years with a half-assed you have sucked. We reeeeeaaaally miss those years when you used to dump 3 feet of snow overnight. I mean, it was not so fun to drive in, but we loved playing in it! Those were the good ol' days.

This year all Tim wanted for his birthday was to see you again, so we had to drive out of town to find you. Look at that smile of contentment on his birthday face once we finally stood on your beautiful whiteness. 

I had a kid since the last time I saw you and I've been telling him about you and how fun you are. He only started to believe me once we dressed him up in a snow suit to hike to our yurt.

I'd really like for Ben to get to know you. He and his buddy Corden LOVED sledding. We cannot possibly sled without you, and what kind of childhood would that be?
Think about it.

Even I went sledding! And you know that I am one hundred percent against it since breaking my tailbone that one time we won't speak of. But I sled anyway, because I miss you.

Look at these faces, winter! See how happy you make us?

(picture credit: Leslie Stickland)
The warmth of a cabin is only good when you're around.

This is me toasting to you, and the truckloads of snow we found, wishing really hard that you consider coming back for good.


(picture credit: Leslie Stickland)
We get it, we have been jerks with all our contamination and our trashy behavior and you got tired of it, and you are right, you deserve better. But if we pinky promise to do well and make amends where we can, will you consider coming back?
We will not take you for granted again.

The Conrads.


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