Light as a feather


I walked into Second Run to drop off  a few clothes when I spotted this beauty. J Crew Collection dress, playful feathers and sequins, and the best part, in my size. 

Now get this. The dress was originally $1,500 and I kid you not, Second Run had it marked at $140, but I had some credit so I paid less than $100. Can I get a high-five?

I paired that bad boy with a velvety pair of Sam Edelmans, a fur coat, some Shirley Temple curls, and boom, Christmas party outfit done!


If you ask me, the best part of the whole night was dancing to bluegrass at the Sitzmark. My love for the banjo runs deep. 


So how about you take the high road. I'll take the high heels. Hashtag after party. 

dress: J Crew, shoes: Sam Edelman in sangria velvet, fur coat: old


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