It's a birthday: Double Threes

Every year since I can remember I have made a huge deal out of my birthday. Don't judge me, I like celebrating life in company of the people I love. If we don't celebrate life, then what's the point?

Last year, for some unfathomable reason, I decided not to celebrate my birthday. Not even a little. What ensued was a terrible, horrible, no good year.
I'm not saying that you're bound to have a good year just because you celebrate your birthday, but let's just say that I'm not sad to say goodbye to 32. I've had a chat with Jesus and I asked him to please make 33 incredible, and I adopted a new policy that even if the year sucks, at least the birthday celebration shall be fantastic, from now until death. Amen.

One of the things I have learned in 33 years is to collect memories and have adventures over things, so I decided to spend my birthday (weekend) doing the things I love best: road tripping, running, hiking, and kayaking in places I have not been before.

The weekend brought 80 degree weather, new people, great food, and amazing views. I was spoiled to no end. The following pictures are a little bit of the time Tim and I spent exploring alone thanks to his parents who kept Benjamin for the weekend. God bless them.

Here's to 33 and living a life full of adventure. Cheers!

Matanuska Glacier!

Worthington Glacier.

Where my legs go fast and my heart goes free.

Moats and boats and waterfalls,
alleyways and payphone calls,
I've been everywhere with you. 

Double threes!

The fat mermaid.

The creepy merman.

Valdez has a bunny problem. They're everywhere.
They buck like funnies.

Sea lion.

Shoup Glacier.

Explorers gonna explore.


The inside of a glacier is pretty much the coolest thing ever.
Bucket list item, check!

I married a mountain goat.

Chocolate cake and whiskey.
Birthday done right.

Long live the open road!

And now a video:


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