Of the sea

"Adventure is often seen as the province of the young - something to do when you are fit, broke, inexperienced, and lacking other commitments." But in my experience, my thirst for adventure has only expanded with the years, it has spilled into my marriage, and now into motherhood.

I will be the first to tell you that adventuring with a toddler is not for the impatient, it is not easy or calm, and certainly not convenient. But we still do it.

"Why? even after hundreds of tries, my explanations rarely get close to touching the true heart of our inexplicable passion. Because we are here to discover the world. Because we believe there are things to learn by walking. And because I can't imagine a different way to be. We are not the fastest, highest, farthest or longest. We are first in some things only because we chose paths that others have not. We learn. We explore."

Every year we try to go to at least one place we have never been to before. This year it was Seldovia. We drove to Homer where we made our base camp in a cabin at the foot of Kachemak Bay, from there we took the ferry, and spent the most marvelous 4th of July surrounded by the excitement only a place we've never been to brings: new foods, new people, new terrain to explore. We even napped on a bench overlooking the bay while Benjamin napped in his stroller for 2 1/2 hours, his little legs exhausted from running around.

Maybe one day he will love the outdoors and this great state as much as we do. Maybe he won't. But if the memories of collecting rocks on the bay, feeling the fresh sea air on a boat, touching and eating freshly caught fish, and meeting new people stay with him, if he learns to appreciate a beautiful day no matter the weather, if he comes to see adventure as a way of life, then that would be enough.

P.S. All quotations from Erin Mckittrick and her book Small Feet, Big Land.

P.P.S. A huge thank you to Dale Kaercher and his wife Patty for his care and hospitality towards us. You certainly are the boss!


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