Allow me to interrupt your scheduled programming

I interrupt your scheduled programming to hash out some important reminders.

Today was a hard day mentally speaking, on top of everything my throat is sore again. I know. I was just sick last week. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed, but instead I drove myself, tears and all to training group. Per usual, running did its magic, but there was more.

{{Coach Michelle}} was very thoughtful and brought us treats with a recipe! So we could eat them after training. REMINDER: If you can do something nice for someone else, do it. They may be having a shit day, and you are made of sunshine.

This is my girl, Cassey. She ran with me today. I had already planned to put my earphones on and take off solo, but she stuck with me, and pushed me up both, Hillcrest and Rose Garden hills. This is us, sweaty, sore, and happy after our workout. REMINDER: if you can encourage someone to do better, do it. People always have more to give, sometimes they just need a partner to push with them.

When I was at work this morning a gentleman said to me: I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you look beautiful in that dress." It was a legitimately kind, non-objectifying compliment, and the nicest thing I heard all day. REMINDER: compliment people, magnify their strengths, find beauty in them. It will do you and them some good.

Last REMINDER: you run your day, you run your body, and you can absolutely turn a crap day around. Ask any runner.

And on that note, happy Global Running Day everyone!


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