Friday Round Up

Well, this week is shot. 
I tried so hard to work while the illness ran through my body, but turns out that when bronchitis and a sinus infection take possession of your breathing organs, there is no working through that. The only way out is with meds, and a lot of rest.
Six days {three in bed} later, I feel a bit more human, I no longer get winded going down the stairs, I sound less like Darth Vader, more like a very manly woman {hot, I know}, I can almost breathe normally again, and now that my head doesn't throb every time it leaves the pillow, I have been able to catch up on some reading. So that's my silver lining.

On that reading note, I have rounded up some links for you, in case you're taking your 10 minute break at work, or you need a distraction while nursing that baby, or maybe you're sick as a dog too, and all you can do is move your eyes to read instead of passing out of boredom.

1. HOW TO TRICK YOURSELF INTO FEELING AWESOME I've done it, it works. I specially like the cheese trick, because I heart cheese.
2. HOW MUSIC CHANGES YOUR BEHAVIOR AT HOME "With music on, people were 33% more likely to cook together, 85% more likely to invite people over... 15% more likely to laugh together, and 18% more likely to utter the words "I love you"... plus 66% more intimacy when music is playing."
3. THE ANTHLEISURE OF UNMENTIONABLES  The fact that bralettes are are trending is hilarious to me, because I've been wearing them since I was 12. Yeah, I have an A cup, so they work for me, but mostly I love them because they provide little confinement and they are - dare I say -  sexy? They're certainly not for everyone, so you do you, but I left all underwires and push-ups back in my 20s, and I never looked back. 
4. WILD AND FREE I've been following Jess Connolly for a few years, and her walk with the Lord has left a beautiful impression on me. When I heard that she co-wrote a book for "the woman who feels that is both too much and never enough" I got on that pre-order list stat. I haven't finished the book yet, but so far is goooooood, and I'm going to leave you with my favorite paragraph yet and let you decide if it would be good for you too.
"Our standing has never wavered with our Father. Though the world has twisted what it means to be a daughter, His stance and His position toward us has absolutely stayed resolute. The world cannot dictate what it means to be treasured by our Father, but the love and relationship of our heavenly Father can help and transcend the damage done here on earth."
Have a lovely weekend!


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