And then he was TWO

I write this post as I die in my bed with some sort of cold/allergy/flu that has literally knocked me off my feet so badly I had to take a sick day. I cannot remember the last time I took a sick day, probably before Benjamin was born, because as we all know, mothers don't take sick days... So... Two years ago.

Great segue.
We decided to celebrate Ben's second birthday last Sunday because:
a) He doesn't understand the concept of dates yet.
b) He sings happy birthday 3000 times a day anyway since he learned the song. 
c) We were in the birthday spirit, since EVERYONE else's kid had birthdays last weekend.
d) My motherly instinct* told me that I'd be sick as a dog on his actual birthday, and the thought of baking a cake would make me want to curl in child's pose** forever and ever.
Happy birthday sweet boy of mine. You have made our house messier, our drive greater, our hearts softer, our sleep shorter, and our lives larger and fuller than ever before. May God bless you and keep you all the days of your life. We love you so, so very much!
And now a video of the birthday boy!

A few thank-yous  are in order here:
1. Thank you Papa {Tim} for taking pictures, filming video, and taking Ben to the park for the eleventh time that day so I could bake the cake. You're the best papa who ever lived!
2. Thank you Brenda {mama B} from {{HATCHERPRESS}} for the lovely I AM TWO t-shirts.
3. Thank you Tamar for passing down the lovely Jewish tradition to put an extra candle on the cake for good luck :)

* When I say motherly instinct I mean I got lucky. I have no idea if I got one of those or not in my bag of goodies when I left the birth center, and if I did, I probably misplaced it, what with a newborn and all. Surely it will show up some day.

** Since I'm back to doing yoga these days, I like to drop yoga vernacular like it's hot. My favorite poses are child's pose and savasana, of course. Basically anything where my whole body is resting on the mat is my fave. #yogi

P.S. If you are in the mood for a {{birth story}} check out that link. Two years later I am still in awe.


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