Gift Guide for the Mother Runner

Tim asked the other day what I wanted for mother's day and all I could come up with was running paraphernalia. Don't judge me, I just really like running, and it so happens that I am training for a half-marathon, so the sport is on my mind.

On that note, I have collected a few things for the mother runner in your life. Trust me, any of these will be well received, except the power shower wipes by themselves... you might want to buy her some flowers to go with that.

RUN THE WORLD I love this tank. We run our days, our lives, ourselves.

POWER SHOWER BODY WIPES In case you gotta squeeze a run in the middle of the day.

A SUPER COOL GARMIN Because I'm sorry Apple, your iWatch does not compare to a real running watch.

A PACEBAND For that long distance runner in your life. Knowing your splits is vital if you're trying to run a certain time. I used one on my last half and it was super useful.

THEY KEEP YOU ALIVE Best tank ever.

RANDIES Cheeky sayings on your butt. Enough said.



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