The First Quarter of 2016

It's mid-March friends, and although you have not seen me much around these parts, I have been plenty busy kicking butt, taking names, and being an all around quaintrelle.

As it is customary of this blog, I will tell you what I have been up to with a truckload of pictures that date back to the first quarter of 2016.

Ready? Go!

This is our bedtime routine: Bath and books. I started reading to Benjamin when he was a little tadpole in my belly and I have not stopped since. Easily my favorite part of the day.

Two things he loves: Grandma Sunny's fish tank, and a serious no pants policy. 

I have made it my mission to find the best old-fashioned in town. Jury is still out.

That time my face appeared on Unleash! Definitely a highlight.

Do you guys go to the Imaginarium? We love it there!

And we also love boots, and did Imention no pants?

Ben is legit helpful when it comes to grocery shopping.

And his mission in life is to build the tallest LEGO tower he can come up with, then immediately crash it to the ground. Sure entertainment for a solid 30 minutes.

We celebrated Rondy.

And I cooked more than usual. There's something creatively therapeutic about cooking that fills my soul. Feeding the people I love is very special to me.

Like this monster loving on the pulled pork sandwiches his mama made.

Another highlight: Arctic Entries. What an awesome experience! Thank you so much for being there for me, friends.

These two pictures are proof that I do not always wear the colors of the German rainbow: Black, white, and gray, and that I have, in fact, worn pink TWICE in three months. Which is only a big deal because my coworkers started teasing me saying that I look like I am going to fight crime, and that a little color wouldn't hurt.
So there.

Since the snow is pretty much gone, we have been spending A LOT of time outside. And that little rascal will climb anything if you let him.

This last picture means a lot to me.
This is James {everyone say 'hello James'} and we have been friends for over a decade. James was hit by someone who was on her cellphone while driving {don't do that!!!} and this is us commemorating his first hike since the accident thanks to a legit leg brace. I mean, I did have to literally carry him on my back for a little while, but his legs did most of the work, and I am extremely happy about this.
Love you Jammies.

Now you're up to date and you will be seeing a lot more of our faces from now on. Especially now that spring is upon us. 
See you soon!


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