Don't Quote Me

Tim and I took a day to spring clean our house. The walk-in closet, the bathroom vanity, the office, and the garage are all Konmari-ed. You have heard of the Konmari method for decluttering, right? No? Seriously, where have you been?!

In any case, the house is cleaner, things are organized, and among a pile of things that must be donated, are a bunch of baby things.


There. I said it. We're getting rid of the baby things. The bottles Ben's not using, gone. The boppy, gone. Anything with the Motherlove logo on it, gone. The freaking nursing bras? G to the O to the N to the E. Gone!

The only thing I'm not parting with are his baby clothes because of some primal feeling in me that makes me cry every time I see them, but other than that, we are letting it go.

For the record, we are both very much on the no more babies train, we have given it plenty of thought, and this is what is best for our family.

So, don't quote me, because I reserve the right to change my mind, but today we closed one door, and we are moving on as a family of three + cat.


P.S. I have a bag full of unused Medela pump parts, quick clean micro-steam bags, breast shells, nipple shields, postpartum bag herbs, sitz bath spray, more milk herbal capsules from Motherlove, disposable nursing pads, and a gazillion breast milk storage bags. All for free to whoever wants them, go on and raise your hand!


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