XC Ski and Chill

First things first, let me assure you, I am done with the existential posts for the time being. I appreciate you letting me indulge in some very much needed self-care, and now I am ready to move ahead, both, with life and this blog. 

On that note, this weekend we went in search of snow, which is something I never thought I would say living in Alaska; but since the snow seems to only favor the east coast at the moment, we had to do what we had to do: leave Benjamin with Mike and Sunny, pack our cross country skis in the car, and go north.

This is my YAAAAAAAAAY SNOOOOOOW face. We found it you guys, all over Hatcher Pass. Tons, and tons, of fluffy, delicious powder. It was glorious.

This was the view from our cabin, where we unloaded our gear and immediately waxed our skis because there was no time to waste. 

When life gives you a bluebird day, 25 degree weather, and snow covered slopes, there is only one thing to do: PLAY!

This is my husband after he wiped out. I wish I could tell you I ran to his help, but I was too busy laughing. Wife of the year, I know.

After our legs were exhausted enough, we hit the lodge for some Frangelicos and food.

We played well into the night. I won UNO, and Tim won at life... literally and figuratively speaking.

We chilled in our cabin this morning until the sun came up, and if duty didn't call us back to reality we would still be there right now. 

I'd call this a solid end to January. Let's see what February has up its sleeve.

P.S. This post brought to you by amazing grandparents. We love you Mike and Sunny!


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