As you probably know by now if you have followed this blog a while, I do not do new year's resolutions. I do however find that having a word for the year helps me depending on the season of life I am in.

2015 Has been a great year. Tim and I have grown closer as a couple, we have sharpened our parental skills compared to where we were a year ago, the three of us are healthy, Benjamin is thriving in school, we opened our own business, I love my job(s), and we have gotten to play quite a bit too. It stands to reason that the next question is "what now?" and I have been chewing and stewing on this for a couple months now.

After a lot of self/soul searching, talks with my close friends, and prayer, I decided that my word for 2016 is SELAH. You can find this word in the bible mostly in the book of Psalms as an interlude between verses. A place to stop and listen. And I am not a theological scholar, but if I have this correctly, Selah comes from the Hebrew word salah, meaning to hang something to measure, to weigh the value of something. 

This year the Lord has fed me and filled me, and now that I am asking 'what now?', He is saying Selah. Stop. Think. Reflect. Remain in me. Which is so very fitting because we just started a series at church that is teaching us to REMAIN. Coincidence? There is no such thing.

So what is next in 2016? It's not about who I will be, it's about who God will be. 

May the new year bring you blessings, love, health, and joy. Happy new year friends, see you next year!

P.S. I have been kind of busy lately, so here's a picture dump of photos that date back to early November.

Back when we had snow.

Halloween. First pumpkin he carved with grandpa's help.

Such a diva.

He's a shoe lover, like his mother.

Amy and I twinning.


Gimme all the cranberry sauce!


And more shoes.

Pretty much the best parent t-shirt EVER.

Group hug.

Tim's Birthday.

Friends since college, my bridesmaids, my friends.

Jammies and the birthday boy.

Birthday selfie.

Sessie (Leslie) and the boys.

Grandma Sunny.

Two things I love: My church, and the piano man.

Hot chocolate, pjs, and movies.

All is bright and calm.

Curly hair problems.


If I fits I sits.

The twins.

Christmas eve selfie.

My people.

Cheese platters are my love language.

My parents.


No way, presents!



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