In the nick of time

This year I am very late sending Christmas cards. The last thing I remember was Thanksgiving, next thing I know, BAM, it's December 10th and I juuuuuust ordered them. In the nick of time, so don't expect to get them until Christmas week.

My friend Kathryn followed us around on a chilly Sunday and got some pictures of us, which is no small feat when you have an 18 month old who will.not.sit.still. Yet, she managed to capture us looking relaxed and calm. Pretty much the opposite of what happens when you mix toddlers and ornaments in the same room.

And on a more serious note, as relaxed and together as we look in this pictures, I'd like to point out the fact that our lives are not always so. This year has been a rollercoaster in so many ways, we are still dizzy. It is at this time that we are more thankful than ever for the birth of our Savior, without whom, we would certainly come undone.

This year we will not fly home for the holidays and it is seriously bumming me out because I was looking forward to getting showered with my family's love and wisdom since I feel like we need it so badly. But we are resting on the knowledge that a cord of three strands is not easily broken, and that we have many friends here who love us well.

Thank you so very much for following this blog, for reading, and sticking with us. Thank you for your support, love, and care. 


The Conrads 

All pictures by Kathryn Wierzbicki.
This is not a sponsored post.


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