I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas

Last weekend we had our company Christmas party, and K&W did not disappoint. We ate loads, we drank some, and we were merry. 

When I was looking for a dress to wear this year I fell in love with an incredible beaded dress I found here in town. It was sparkly, beautiful, and my size, buuuuut it was also $800 American dollars. Yup. No way, no how.

So I went to my friend Google and asked him to show me sparkly dresses. Lo and behold, this beauty appeared on the search list from E-Bay, originally from Asos, new with tags, for $150. Sold! The sparkly platform heels are my coworker's {who is the only other woman I know who wears a shoe size 4.5ish} and because we're having a blue Christmas, I topped the dress with a blue kuspuk. 

Done and done! May your Christmas be white, not blue, unless of course, you're wearing it.

Now please enjoy these blurry iPhone pictures taken on a lovely night, with lovely people. 


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