Smoke and Mirrors

                                     {photo taken in Yukon Island}

This summer I spent three days writing under the guidance of the wordsmith Julia O'Malley, in beautiful Yukon Island, accompanied by incredible people whose  lives and written works I admire.

There I learned a few things, but what stayed with me the most is that our best work comes from that inner part of us that we keep hidden and protected because it's raw, and vulnerable, and real.

Most of what I've written since that retreat will never see the light of a computer screen, in part because it does not belong on the Internet, and partly because Julia stresses the importance of writing by hand {I know. Radical.} But I am making an exception for this very short piece I called Smoke and Mirrors, for it helped me find the truth again. 

Smoke and Mirrors

I suppose the potential to lose yourself is always there, even when you know you have been found. 
The lights shine brighter, the grass is greener... That's how it begins. But I have been lost before and now I'm wise enough to recognize the smoke and mirrors. The heart may want what it wants but it is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. 
So I'm finding strength in staying, bravery in not swaying, and peace in trusting He who is greater than I. 


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