O Tannenbaum


Let's just get past the fact that it is only November first and my Christmas decorations are already out. I blame Benjamin, since that is a thing we do in this house. Dishes aren't done? Didn't have time because of the toddler. The laundry isn't folded? Are you kidding me? Have you seen the amount of laundry a toddler generates in a week? And my personal favorite, did you fart? Nope. The toddler.

So you'll have to believe me when I say that I did not intend to walk out of Target this morning with a Christmas musical snow globe, singing carols like a loon, but I did, and I did so loud and proud because Ben's face lit up every time the snow flew in the globe, and he might be the only person to ever clap hearing me sing carols. So judge me if you must, but it won't change the fact that I got home and let him take out all the Christmas decorations until the only thing missing was the tree.

Tim killed our tree last year. And by kill I mean broke because it was a fake since we had no time to cut our own. We had a 7 month old at the time, and the fact that we even put up decorations was a true Christmas miracle. Anyway, I was not attached to the tree since it was just an old 5 footer that was missing a few branches because the cat declared war on it too many times. But the thought of getting a new tree this year gave me anxiety just contemplating the amount of ornaments Ben would break, the branches that would suffer at the claws of the cat, and the fact that most certainly I would forget to water it, if we got a live one.

That is why when I saw this flat chested beauty made out of pallets, I hugged my woody tannenbaum,  took it home, hung it, decorated it with one string of vintage Christmas lights like this ones, and called it a day.


Nothing to break or clean, and the extra floor space? A pallet never looked so good!
Maybe next year we will go all out with a real one, but for now this is good. This is really good.


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