I haven't worn glasses since sometime in my twenties when I had the good sense of using my first job out of college -flexible spending account - on lasik surgery. But as my doctor informed me last week, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heavy use of computers, and the fact that I am not getting any younger had me back trying on frames. 

I wore glasses all my life and I don't ever remember actually liking them. Ask anyone who knew me in college, I would wear them to class and promptly remove them as soon I as could. Especially to go out, or on a date. I went as far as having two pairs, so I could leave one in my car for driving only. Contacts? Yeah, I can't even put on eyeliner without getting queasy, God forbid actually touching my eyeball on purpose.

But as luck may have it, glasses are now cool, so forgive the selfie here, but this was the first time ever I did not dread trying them on. That pair there? Compliments of my insurance provider, but I would like your input as to where you get glasses these days. I hear Warby Parker is cool. Is it? Because I am willing to invest in a second pair, you know, for driving only ;)


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