When was the last time you felt beautiful?

I met Valette 6 or so years ago and I quickly learned that she is a talented photographer, but I had no idea how much fun one of her glamour photo sessions would be until she was kind enough to offer to photograph me.

I left Benjamin at home with Tim and spent time with Valette and Mary Alice -a professional hair and makeup stylist- having a blast, but most importantly, I was able to immortalize in pictures my grandmother's favorite shawl that she left to me when she died 5 years ago. It's a gorgeous hand embroidered piece, but I really don't have opportunities to wear it. A glamour photo shoot seemed like the perfect time to bring it out.

Valette did an incredible job capturing my essence in all the photos. From flirty to playful, casual, and strong, she shot every angle beautifully, and Mary Alice's makeup was able to erase a year and a half of sleepless nights with a baby right off my face. Both of them are truly magic.
I believe that beauty is internal calm, confidence, and loving myself for who I am and where I am at in my life journey. Beauty is kindness and gentleness to myself and others. Beauty is believing I am worthy.
I believe that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful, and are worth having gorgeous photos of themselves. Women deserve to exist in photos for themselves and for those who love them, and I make those photos to show them how beautiful and worthy they are. -Valette

Valette is a photographer in Anchorage who can be reached at www.studiovalette.com
Mary Alice is a hair and makeup stylist who is magic with her hands. She can be found at www.blossomsalonak.com
Flower crown by the incomparable work of Natasha Price at www.alaskaknitnat.com
All outfits are my own.

*This is a sponsored post. Thank you for being so lovely and supporting the businesses that make this blog possible.


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