Her Tern Half: Run Happy

{photo courtesy of Steph Wright}

"Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the ache in your lungs and the burning in your legs, and the voice inside your head that yells "I can't". But you don't listen, you just push harder, and then you hear the voice whisper "I can". That's when you discover that the person you thought you were, is no match for the one you are." 

This is why I run, because with each accomplishment I realize that greatness has no peak, that I can always improve, and I try to make that thought translate into my work, my relationships, and my life in general. 

Today's race - my first half marathon - took everything I had physically speaking, but running never takes back more than it gives, and I am delighted with my race results. I kept tempo pace throughout and finished 5 minutes faster than my goal. 

But I didn't get here alone, so please allow me to give thanks:

First I am thankful to God for giving me this incredible body, His temple, that in the last couple years has made, birthed, and fed a child, AND ran a half-marathon. He gives me not only that, but a beautiful state to run in and take in the beauty of His work.  Did you guys see the gorgeous bluebird day He gave us for the race? 

I would like to thank my four coaches, Emma Bohman, Hallidie Wilt, Whitney  Bennet, and Jen Yach, you are incredible! Your instruction and encouragement are invaluable and helped me down to the last hill, where Emma and Hallidie ran with me, just when my body wanted to give up. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

To my girl, Amy Anderson, who finished today's race 13th overall! I admire you as a woman, a mother, and a runner. Thank you for counseling me, for listening to my freak outs, and for believing in me. Our friendship means more to me than words can say. 

To my running partner, Brenda Lester, girl, we did it! Thank you for sticking with me Mama B! I am grateful for you. 

To my friends Les and Steph for listening to my race talk for the last 3 months, and for coming to watch me finish. Fist bump. 

And last but never least, to my husband Tim, for always believing in me, for never doubting me for a second, for kicking me out of bed early on Saturdays so I could get in a long run, for taking care of our son so I could train. My struggles have been your struggles, and my victory is just as much yours. I love you. 

{Gee. You'd think I won the Nobel prize or something, but I promise I'm almost done.}

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate my first half-marathon to my son, Benjamin. You will see me struggle, baby, but you will never see me give up. This one's for you!

And now for the pictures!

Pre-race with Brenda

Pre-race with coach Whitney and coach Emma

Oh hi!

Blowing kisses to my cheering squad.

On my way to the finish line {photo by Rick Schleyer}

The Wrights at the finish line.

I run for mimosas, hey, that's my name!

Amy girl!


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