Yay for weekends

Why are weekends so short? Especially summer weekends in Alaska should have at least one more day. Right?

If you've seen me lately, you know I'm training for a half marathon next month, and on Friday I ran the Twilight 12K with these beauties. We not only finished but our personal records were on point, and celebratory beer was in order. 

We took Benjamin to the park because parks are his happy place, and because a tired baby is a baby who sleeps well. We are usually up by 6am with him, but he let us sleep until EIGHT THIRTY this weekend. The last time I slept until 8:30am was over a year ago, so the word that comes to mind is HEAVENLY, it was pretty heavenly. Hooray for parks!

Today we hiked and showed Ben the place where his papa proposed to me five years ago. 

He was more interested in the birds and the dogs hiking with their owners than the romantic story I was trying to tell, though. 

We finished the day with a big, fat, Alaskan wild berry ice cream.

Now I need to nap. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you get to nap? 


  1. Where are you in these pics of where he proposed? Gorgeous! Looks like a little slice of heaven to this New Yorker!


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