Baby times, they are a changin'

Today we dropped Benjamin off at daycare for the first time. He will be there part time throughout the summer to help him transition in the fall, when I'll go back to work. 

Benjamin was super excited about the new toys and didn't even cry when we left. I stood behind the door watching him for a while as the teachers sang "hello Benjamin, hello Benjamin, hello Benjamin, we are happy that you're here!", then I lost it, you would think he moved out of the house or something. Clearly my son is much braver than I am. 

Tim took the day off to help me wipe my tears and to take me on a date day, which is like a date night but for parents who have childcare during the day. 

So here's to letting go and to new beginnings. Here's to my baby growing up and becoming more independent, here's to date days and some baby-free hours. 

A new chapter begins!


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