Friday Roundup

{photo by Steph Wright}

What a week! I have a one year old now, and can you believe how incredible the weather's been? And we have a three day weekend ahead of us, which I need because life is busy right now, but good busy,  the kind that leaves you exhausted but fulfilled, though I really wish I had time to veg with some Bloodline on Netflix. Have you seen that show? I've only watched 2 episodes, but I am hooked.

I did get my reading on this week, and here are your links.

Have fun this Memorial Day Weekend! 

1. I always get sucked into reading technology sci-fi-esque things, they creep me out, but I can't stop. A world where cognitive enhancement is the norm Hacking the Brain

2. Spotify will match your music to your running pace and I am {{running}} A LOT these days, so it could come in handy.

6. I really enjoyed this one. The only technique to learn something new


  1. Sam WilliamsMay 22, 2015

    Bloodline IS SO GOOD. I love the slow intensity of it, and the acting is on point. Hope you enjoy the rest of it :)

  2. Fernanda ConradMay 22, 2015

    Yes! I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the episodes. So intense!


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