Friday Roundup

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I knit, did you know that about me? Maybe not because I haven't done it in a long time, but I come from a family of skilled knitters, though I rank among the least skilled of them, mainly due to the fact that I refused to learn until way into my twenties. 

You think that as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I would have hit the needles, but it wasn't so. Instead my mom and my aunt knit almost every sweater Benjamin has ever worn, beautiful pieces that I will treasure forever and maybe pass down to his kids one day, because that is the beauty of creating, being able to not only transform material into something useful, but to be able to pour love into every stitch. That's it! It's wearable love.

I decided I wanted to get back on the knitting saddle and make a REALLY chunky throw for my downstairs, but my dreams were truncated once I found out the cost of chunky yarn. You guys, it's so expensive! To give you an idea, a regular skein of yarn is roughly $6, these are $50 or more, yikes! But then Sunny, the woman I call my second mom, surprised me with the yarn, needles, and even a pattern, AND I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I'M TALKING IN ALL CAPS.

So guess what I'll be doing while Ben naps? Now wish me luck so I don't drop any stitches.

What are you doing this weekend?

1. What you email inbox reveals about your personality I don't ever remember seeing my inbox at zero.

4. This happens to me all the time Help! I Can't Stop Thinking in Emoji!

5. "She had applied for more than 15 corporate jobs, within and outside of Starbucks. Again and again, though, she had been passed over in favor of other candidates with more formal education. This was a woman who had raised three children largely on her own and had started a nonprofit to help homeless people in her area. She had experience, competence, and drive. what she didn't have-  like three-quarters of Starbucks employees, an an equal share of American adults-was a bachelors degree." The Upwardly Mobile Barrista


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