Friday Roundup

I am excited for summer {if it ever stops snowing} because I've managed to come up with a pretty exciting schedule: Benjamin turns 1 year old, a race, a writing retreat, a girl's getaway, and the birth of my new nephew are all happening in the span of 4 months.

Now I just need the weather to hurry up and warm this town.

What are your summer plans?

Happy weekend!

1. Why Babies Love (And Learn From) Magic Tricks

2. Tim came home a couple days ago to tell me his job's annual review went really well, knowing the awesome Architect he is I was not surprised. Then he said "and you may be surprised to hear I got my best score in communication", to which I replied "well, my work here is done." This interaction will only make sense {or seem humorous} to you if you knew that in this relationship I am the outspoken extrovert and him the ever-thinking introvert, but all jokes aside, I think as a society we underrate introverts, their wit, spark, and capabilities. Dedicated to my loving, introvert husband is this link The Power of Introverts

3. A Towering Home in the Alaskan Wilderness Looks Like Something Right Out of A Dr. Seuss Book

4. At Madrid Gallery, Blind Visitors Can Touch Masterpieces

5. This print is on repeat in my head.

6. I am close to returning to work full time and leaving Benjamin in a daycare facility, we recently found out that we made the cut in the waiting list, but that is only one of the hurdles to overcome. "Child care in the United States is a huge problem for a number of parents - exorbitantly expensive, unregulated, and often unavailable" How Parents Cope With America's Childcare Crisis


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