Because He lives

"When Christ came to earth, from the very first beat of His human heart, He was fully intended to be that Sacrifice. He willingly spilled His blood to cover our sin, not just the sin of those who jeered Him, who cast the stones, stole His clothing, scoffed at His claims to divinity, demanded in crazed fervor for His death, His humiliation… but for the sin we walk in today, tomorrow, constantly, unintentionally, the struggles we feebly attempt to overcome, the pathetic mediocrity we wallow in, the lack of grandeur, the fading awe, the half-hearted reverence… His blood, today, tomorrow, still warm, still sweet, still washing away the rotten stench of our sins… as we unabashedly walk in God’s favor, forever beneath the tide of Jesus’ blood, never having to turn away, never being turned away, never more than a thought, a whispered prayer, away from the Holiest of Holies; our star-crossed Lover who so, so desperately and willingly, bought an eternity with His beloved. The cost another sacrifice, the cost a human sacrifice, the price the only One worthy of such favor… the price of His beloved Son, divine, heavenly, powerful, good." - Jessica Buttram 

Happy Easter friends, He is risen! What a joy it's been to celebrate our Lord's resurrection today!

Benjamin loved hunting for eggs, and we spent quality time with people we love. I hope your Easter was lovely and warmer than ours because it snowed last night! What gives Mother Nature? 

Let's get this spring thing rolling, shall we?

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives."


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