#12monthsofben: 11 Months

Benjamin is 11 months old today.

Likes: Crawling, jumping, climbing, clapping, peekaboo, smoothies, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, and the cat.

Dislikes: Being told 'no'.

This week I talked to 2 of the women who took a birthing class with me this time last year, when the three of us were very pregnant. It was so fun to see them and their babes, both only days older than Ben, and reminisce of the year that's gone by so fast, just like everyone said it would.

One of them said, "How wonderful is it to be a parent, right? Best love in the world!" YES! I said, a million times yes! This parenting thing, tricky as it may be, is hands down wonderful, and the best love I have ever felt.

This time next month there will be cake.


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