Friday Roundup

That picture, am I right?

It's Friday.
You made it. I made it.
No one in this household is sick anymore, hallelujah!
I do have a humongous pile of laundry, but now that House of Cards is back, I can put Ben to bed and sit down to sort, fold, iron, while watching my favorite tyrants, Frank and Claire. If you have no idea what HOC is, I just can't even, and I strongly suggest you take a hard look at your life and figure out where you went wrong.

On a mommy note, my kid is going through some kind of nap hating phase that has us both throwing tantrums. But just because I'm dedicated to the blogging cause, I still managed to compile a round of links of stuff I found interesting this week. No, no. Don't mention it. I'm here for the people {wink}.

Happy weekend.

1. When your punctuation says it all - in a text

2. Are you a Millennial Mom? Check out these findings.

3. Local realtor talks 2015 housing trends for Southcentral

4. How to buy an IKEA couch and have it delivered to Alaska

5. Five easy ways to refresh your space

6. Costco names Citi Visa as new credit partners FINALLY! More miles anyone?

7. A brewing problem Makes me glad I stopped using a Keurig.

8. Ecuador's radical grammar pedants on a mission to correctly punctuate graffiti Genius.

9. This last one is a beautiful post that explains exactly how I'm choosing to spend my time, how weird it feels to have friends become acquaintances, and how I'm learning to say yes without resentment and no without apologies.


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