My best friend is pregnant! Best news of 2015 so far.
It has been fun going down memory lane with her about the things I was going through when I was pregnant. You guys, that was just last year, now my sweet baby is slowly becoming independent, daring, brave, inching himself out of my arms and into the world. It's bitter-sweet.

When he was first born he only wanted to sleep in my arms, next to my heartbeat. At four months he let us know he was ready to sleep in his crib at night, but he still liked to nap in my bed, next to me, holding my hair as he closed his eyes. Today I laid down next to him for a nap, and as I sang to him he sat up, and I knew. He was ready to nap on his own, in his own crib.

Sure enough, I put him in the crib, sang him a song, he closed his eyes, and I stood beside him feeling proud and sad, full and empty at the same time. 

As any new mom, Kristin often has questions, asks for advice, and I am so happy to be her go to person. Amidst all the things I tell her, the most important is this: Enjoy this time. I say it over and over and it is never enough, because to carry a baby on the inside, to be able to hold him, love him, and watch him grow, is without a doubt, privilege. 

Allow me to raise my virtual glass to Kristin and Derrick, may baby Chan fill your lives with pride and joy, and may you enjoy him sleeping in your arms for as long as he'll let you hold him. 



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