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This post brought to you by Benjamin napping again. Yay! Nap strike is over. 
YOU get a high five, and YOU get a high five, and YOU get a high five, EVERYONE gets a high five! That last sentence brought to you by an Oprah moment.

I have been doing a spring cleaning of sorts plus some childproofing. Benjamin is on a mission to leave no corner/drawer/closet/table/couch/outlet/room left unexplored, and it has given me an incentive to declutter; it started with things that could hurt him, and slowly moved into everything I touch.

I went through my closet, filled a garbage bag with clothes and donated them to the Covenant House, I filled 2 more bags with linens, and the kitchen and my make-up drawer are next. Only the shoe and lipstick collection will remain untouched, because if I have to go down in history as a lipstick wearing, shoe hoarder, I am willing to fall on that grenade.

In all seriousness though, this minimalism thing I have going on is allowing me to get rid of the excess and focus on what's important and what I really love. As a family we now consume less and create more, and personally I am more content with what I have, not to mention it has helped our budget.

If you haven't seen any Wardrobe Wednesdays lately it's because I am still finding a balance of my wants and needs. I believe that we can use our external appearance as an extension of our creativity and who we are on the inside, and I'm still finding out who minimal me is. When I know, you'll know.

Are you a minimalist? Have you always been? Do you want to be? Not for you? Got tips? Do tell!


  1. I'm trying to do the same! I have a bag full of clothes and a stack of picture frames and other household items we never use for Goodwill. I need tips though, I know I have so far to go!

    1. It's pretty sobering to see the bags full of things that we don't need. Why do we have them?
      I think we are on the right track, Mal!


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