Friday Roundup

I am crushing hard on flowers. I NEEEEEEED spring so bad!
My coworker Julie happens to be incredible making edible and ornamental plants grow big and beautiful, incidentally, she also managed to make my thumb green, now I have the gardening bug. I am impatiently waiting for the ground to thaw so I can start digging, plus this year I will have a curious almost 1 year old {WHAT!} who I'm sure will love the dirt.

Come on spring! I'm rooting for you.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

2. Another video that is both, cute and useful. How to save a chocking baby

4. I joke with Tim - a perfect introvert - that this could be his utopia, a world where he would never have to step foot outside. "In 1998, Carnegie Mellon researchers warned that the internet could make us into hermits" maybe we are already there. The Shut-In Economy

5. Fellow Anchorage residents, I cannot wait for this. Introducing Williwaw

6. I am thinking about doing this, have you done it before? Would you? What do you think? 100 Days Project

7. If you are a fan of Alaska, food, or good writing in general, you will love this beautiful piece Nominated for the James Beard Award. Julia O'Malley has a way with words. Eating Well at the End of the Road


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