Find love where you are

Tim and I started dating in January many years ago. By the time February rolled around, and our first Valentines's Day came, Tim, man of order, made reservations in one of my favorite restaurants and has been doing so every year since. 

That was until this year. 

Now we have a baby that has been sick for a week, and is teething, and we are trying to be conscious with our spending, what with living on one salary and all. So this year, we entered the Valentines's Day Chcolate Race because it combined my love for running, with something the three of us could do, no babysitter needed. And of course, chocolate. 

Turns out we were not the only ones! There was a 'stroller section' at the back of the lineup, and we were all met by cheering signs along the trail, a love tunnel that blasted Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer, and free hugs!

At the finish line treats and hot chocolate awaited, courtesy of Modern Dwellers, DJ Spencer Lee mixed the tunes, and there was an Instagram picture booth!!

We really enjoyed everything except for the picture booth because by then, Benjamin had peed through his clothes and {understandably} got fussy. We drove to Fire Island Bakery, changed Ben, and ordered our weight in carbs. 

Now we are home, Ben is asleep, and we plan on watching a movie. Certainly not what we're used to doing, but it was a fun day. You know, like Ed Sheeran says, we found love right where we are. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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