Happy new year you guys!
Sorry, I just came back from vacation-land. I wrote the last 2 posts of the year on the other side of the hemisphere where I was unaware of dates or days.  I am just acclimating to freezing-land again, and in this household, 2015 started in February.

First, a dump-load of #conRADvacay pictures. You knew they were coming.

This is us landing after 20 hours of travel, at exactly 12:00am on new year's day.

Ahhh, yes, the gloriously warm beach.

Ben thought that sand was the best thing that ever happened to his feet.

While abuela played in the sand with Ben, abuelo, Tim, and I hit the umbrella drinks. Those piƱa coladas were LEGIT.

We had to.

Tim getting ready to jump on that flying contraption.

The spa after an Andean mud body wrap. Life does not suck.

Abuela's happy place.

He flirted enough with the flight attendants that they gave him his first set of wings.

Baby boy decided to get his first tooth on the last leg of the flight back home, so this was our status.

It was a REALLY good vacation, you guys. 
I was scared because of the hellish stories people told me about flying with kids, and everyone saying that vacations with kids aren't real vacations, but you know what? Ben was a champ on those planes, the 5 hour drive to the beach, and the 2 hour drive to the hot springs. And the abuelos and the rest of the family were so happy to finally be able to see him, that we really had to pry Ben back from their hands if we wanted to hold him. It was warm, restful, and a much needed time for Tim and I to consider a plan of attack to tackle 2015 in ways that help us get to where we want to be in a year. 

And now, onwards and upwards. Let 2015 unfold!


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