Let's talk about {short} hair

hair: Athena's Hair Design, lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo 

Why talk about hair on a Wardrobe Wednesday? Because it's the one thing you wear daily whether you want it to or not, and a lot of you have told me that you REALLY want to cut your hair but don't know how to choose a style, or you haven't found the bravery to do it. So I'm here to tell you, go for it. You guys remember {YOLO}} right? 

After I cut my hair I went back and asked my hairstylist to cut some more, and I have kept it pretty much the same length for the past couple months without intentions of letting it grow because I'm just loving the sass my hair has these days. But before you go chop happy there are a few things you need to know.

1. First things first, choose a good stylist. Athena and I go way back. She's been cutting my hair for the last 9 years, she knows me, knows my hair, and is not afraid to be honest with me regarding what looks best on me. She has given me every single hair style you have seen me have on this blog, and if you are in the Anchorage area I highly recommend her. Tell her I sent you :)

2. Short hair is not necessarily easier to style. When my hair was 12 inches longer I could go a a few days without washing it by using dry shampoo, braiding it, or putting it up in a bun or pony tail. Now I have to wash my hair every other day to keep it bouncy and fresh. There was also a learning curve on styling it, it was definitely not the same as curling long hair.

3. Short hair takes maintenance. If you like the length, and you want to keep it, you'll be seeing your stylist every 4 or so weeks.

4. Short hair is fun. It really does change how your face looks, how your necklines look, how your hats look. It gives you a whole new you to discover!

5. It grows back. Seriously, don't be afraid of the scissors, put your hair in capable hands and prepare to look gorgeous, dah-ling!

I leave you with some hair inspiration from Harper's Bazaar's {{The Coolest Haircuts for Winter 2014}} There are some Bobs, some Lobs, and some longer styles that I hope give you the boost you need to kiss your locks goodbye.

Happy chopping!

P.S. Lilly Collins and this haircut. So much YES!



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