Christmas party style

By now you may have already attended all the Christmas parties in your calendar, you may already have traveled, and be home with your family sipping on some spiked eggnog in front of the fireplace, listening to your uncle tell that embarrassing story again. If that's the case, congrats, I'm officially jealous. But if you're still thinking about what to wear tonight for your Christmas Eve soirée, let me offer some suggestions.

1. Sequins
I know there are some darling sequin dresses out there, but my rule is chose top or bottom. 

2. Lace
When I wore that dress I was about 3 months pregnant with Benjamin. To avoid looking like my grandmother's doilies I chose a bold red. And if you happen to be expecting, don't be afraid to show those curves. Your body is making a human! Let it show!

3. Little Black Dress
This year I wore black. To spice it up a bit, I chose a bodycon style with embroidery, and you can't see it on the picture but the dress is backless.

Add some nude/black pumps, jewelry, and red lipstick. Done and done! 

Now go, go, go, that eggnog is not going to drink itself! Party for the rest of us, parents of young children, who will be enjoying our eggnog in pajamas.

Cheers and Merry Christmas Eve!


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