Let it snow... somewhere else

beanie: Forever 21, jacket: Free People, sweater: Eddie Bauer, jeans: Madewell, booties:Sam Edelman, diaper bag: Skip Hop

The weatherman announced today there would be no snow for thanksgiving, in fact, we may see no snow the rest of the month. So, people of the lower 48th, if you want a break from the snow, come to Alaska! 

I know I am going to ruffle people's feathers by saying this, buy you know what? Let it snow... somewhere else. 

Now, now, before you boycott this blog, let me say that I do love the snow, I appreciate the beauty of winter, and I understand that no winter in Alaska is an oxymoron, and on a more serious note, it can cause serious impact to the flora, fauna, and way of living of its residents.


I do believe that the snow will come, that winter will arrive, and that even if it does not show up until January {gasp!} we will still have a good four months of winter left. Come on you guys, you know spring isn't truly spring until May around here.

So don't hate me for enjoying the warmish temperatures and dry pavement. Remember I have a baby, a car seat, and a diaper bag to carry around, that it is hard enough as it is without having to ice skate through the parking lots covered in eight layers of clothing. Until then, I shall enjoy the extended fall.

Snow or not, happy thanksgiving tomorrow, you guys, enjoy the food, the company, and the traditions!

****Revised. It had not snowed at the time this post was written, it did snow yesterday, like 2 flurries, and more are on the way. You guys could not let me have this one, could you? :)


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