coat and sweater:Forever 21, pants: Free People, booties: Halogen, sunnies: husband's

I wore this number to girls night last weekend. These days half the fun of going out is dressing up, considering that stilettos and baby-wearing do not mix, and I am wearing a baby 90% of the time, my fun shoes are impatiently waiting to be worn on occasions like this, hooray!

It was a fun time spent talking about people, future plans, and most importantly, Taylor Swift's new album. What's that? You are over 30 and you love Tay too? But of course you do, if you think you don't, you probably need a little Swiftamine found {{here}}. You're welcome.

After we finished our wine I asked Les to accompany me to buy lipstick. 
Last fall Steph and I found the darkest shade of berry lipstick and dubbed it GoMo, you know, for when you're feeling equal parts Goth and Emo.  GoMo, brilliant we thought, but I was not brave enough to pull the trigger, until now. Les okayed it, I bought it, and next time you see me, I will probably be the over 30 mom in flats, wearing her baby and her GoMo lipstick, whistling Taylor Swift's sick beats.

Because that's how I roll.

P.S. In case you want in on the GoMo action, find my faves {{here}}{{here}},  {{here}}, and {{here}}


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