Ben goes bananas

I thought we would wait until Ben turned 6 months old to start him on solid food, but he was way ready trying to steal food from my plate, and since he was only a week away from turning 6 months we started a bit early.

We decided we would give Baby Led Weaning a try and although messy, we have not been disappointed. It is so fun seeing how his mind works, watching him discover textures and flavors is our new favorite thing.

 I know, we are those parents who marvel at every discovery their kid makes. Bear with us.

For those of you who have seen it before and asked, we got his high chair from Ikea. We knew that Baby Led Weaning would be messy and we needed something without too many nooks and crannies or cloth, that cleans fast, and isn't an eye sore. This one fits the bill, and it was only $19.99. You can find it {{here}}

This is Benjamin every night after dinner. Some of the food has ended up on Tim's lap and my hair, so it's a good thing this kid enjoys bath time! 
We are introducing carrots tonight, wish us luck!

Food is intrinsically linked with nurturing and love: we all want to show our babies how much we love them and feeding them is one way to do this. -Gill Rapley


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