#12monthsofben: 6 Months

Holy cow, Ben is 6 months old today. SIX! HALF OF A YEAR! OMG HOLD ME!

Likes: Sitting up, taking his socks off, talking, getting tickled, putting everything in his mouth, stroller rides.
Dislikes: Some new people, he has some sort of stranger danger syndrome going on. He also dislikes not being able to do as much as he wants to, you can just tell that his mind works way faster than his body lets him.

Among this month's accomplishments are sucking on the toes. He tried so hard for ages until BAM! Foot in mouth it went.

Not only does he take his socks off, he also figured out how to take his mittens off, you know, just to make me say "where is your other sock/mitten" 1,000 times a day.

This month Ben learned to read.
Just kidding.
But he does look at his books with more attention and patience these days.

And of course our most significant accomplishment has been moving from milk to milk and solids. He is a food thief, I tell you, that was MY smoothie!

I don't know if you can tell, but I am so in love with this boy of mine and I thank God daily for allowing me to be his mama. Becoming a parent is hands down one of the best things ever to happen to me.

Happy six months my boy, I love you so, so hard.


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