Trick or treat in the street

Today we took Ben on his first Halloween excursion downtown to Trick or Treat Street because of three reasons:
1. It was in broad daylight with fairly nice weather.
2. The event was family and children oriented.
3. Any excuse Tim and I can find to dress up as Star Wars characters is reason enough.

Wait, there's one more reason.
4. Candy. Eventually, I assume, I will have to let my kid eat the Halloween candy he collects, but until then I will gladly fall on that grenade. 

△ Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Yoda pose for a frightening family portrait.

△ Whoever carved that pumpkin is wicked talented, but Ben was not having it.

△ Our friends, their little zebra, and the most delicious sweet pea.

△ I was seriously impressed with these two, I mean, that Mad Hatter is LEGIT.

△ I was trying to get Ben to hold his 'lightsaber', Tim was WAY too much in character to do anything other than stoically stand as the lord of the dark side.

△ But even Vader bends the rules sometimes to pose for a picture.

We will milk that Yoda outfit until he outgrows it because would you look at that baaaabe??!! A cuter Yoda, you have seen not!

P.S. On that Star Wars note, check out this daughter and her awesome dad {{here}}


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