I knew I wanted a change in the beauty department as soon as Benjamin was born. I felt different, the long hair was not me anymore, but when I approached my hair stylist about it she recommended waiting a bit, you know, to make sure it wasn't just my hormones making me crazy.

Truth is, my hormones did make me crazy, but they had nothing to do with me cutting my hair. My life as I knew it changed and darn it, so should my hair! I took her advice nonetheless and waited impatiently for 4 months, until my hair started falling in chunks thanks to the aforementioned hormones. That was my cue, it was time. 

I looked at every possible haircut for inspiration and brought it up to the board, AKA Les and Steph. 

And then this happened.

Eleven inches. Gone. 
I won't lie, it was a bit scary, but it was also liberating. The scissors took the last 3 years of my hair life with it and now we start anew. 

So there's that. 
YOLO, my friends, YOLO. 


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